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Investing in the future
of the Church

Blackbird Values Fund accomplishes its mission by first assessing the spiritual and financial needs of each of the ecclesial ministries that we work with. We strategize to leverage their existing real estate and building assets to extend their financial and spiritual missions. The end result is that the Catholic Church maintains long-term control over the finished project, and everything is done completely within Catholic Social Teaching.


By working closely with parishes, ministries, and charitable organizations advancing Catholic ideals, Blackbird unites investors with the Church they love and support. This approach to impact investing creates financial support for the Church as well as an attractive return for our philanthropic investment partners. By using the Church resources, we can better equip the Church to be able to go out and evangelize and win souls back for Christ.


The Blackbird Development Fund 2019 has projects in development in Fort Collins, Denver, Lincoln, Des Moines, and Boulder.

Spiritual Returns

Blessings shared.

The Blackbird Values Fund is designed to help alleviate the Church’s financial challenges so She can focus on the new evangelization.


We provide ongoing insight into your projects, giving you a direct connection to the
impact of your investment.

Social Returns

Mercies worked.

The Blackbird Values Fund supports projects that follow the Corporal Works of Mercy, aiding the hungry, homeless, sick, and imprisoned.


We review each individual project and tailor it to the needs of the local community and parishes to help the new evangelization.

Financial Returns

Gifts multiplied.

Our bold investment model helps maximize the impact of your God-given resources through a strategic combination of tax benefits and proven real estate investment practices.


Unlike a donation, the Blackbird Values Fund strategy is to provide a return. Not only to you as an investor, but to the Church, and to Catholic organizations for the new evangelization.



Joe Teeling, President of Blackbird Fund Management, has been in the insurance and financial services industry for over 38 years. He most recently served as the Chairman and CEO of Bearence Management Group, which he co-founded and grew to a top 200 US insurance broker. Prior to starting Bearence, Joe was Vice Chairman of the US Benefits division within Marsh & McLennan, a multi-national insurance broker, where he was responsible for all national sales, operations, and distribution of products and services.
Outside of his professional career, Joe has founded and actively serves on many local boards and Catholic organizations. He is the co-founder and current Board President for Iowa Catholic Radio, co-founder of the Legatus Des Moines Chapter, a former board member for the Mercy Foundation, and current member of the St. Augustin Foundation Finance Council, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Holy Sepulchre, and the Serra Club.


Formed through family and friendships, Blackbird is a real estate development company based out of Des Moines, Iowa with just over $1 billion in development. The five partners, Justin Doyle, Harry Doyle, Ryan Doyle, Hugh O’Hagan, and TJ Jacobs all share the same belief; everyone is entitled to safe, clean, and affordable housing. The majority of projects within Blackbird’s portfolio tie their mission into social benefits for the community in which it resides. The company’s focus has created a philanthropic spark and has led to its exponential growth to over 50 employees since Blackbird formed in 2013. Justin Doyle, President of Blackbird, has attributed much of the company’s success to the talent of his staff and forming good business partnerships with those who see eye-to-eye when it comes to the desire of improving communities and leaving a better world for our children.


Inspired by the example of St. Kevin, Blackbird looks to provide shelter and security, especially for the vulnerable. As an organization, we seek to not only transform real estate by establishing or revitalizing structures but also seek to impact communities by investing in people.

Who is going to save our Church?